Step into 19th-century Martinique in 'Detective Philibert: The Ascent of Rue Mont-au-Ciel.'

Wander the streets of Saint-Pierre, feel the tropical ambiance, and immerse yourself in colonial architecture and lively markets.
As Detective Philibert, an Afro-Caribbean investigator, unravel a mysterious murder through engaging puzzles and a narrative filled with social tension and history.

Uncover the secrets of Rue Mont-au-Ciel.

Episode IV : The Ascent of Rue Mont-au-Ciel

Travel through time with breathtaking realism.

  • Relive the echoes of the past in an environment reconstructed with the expertise of archaeologists specialized in the period and location.

  • A photorealistic rendering for total immersion into a bygone era.

  • An original soundtrack written and performed by Maher BEAUROY.

  • Investigative gameplay: Collect clues, solve puzzles. Interact with various historical objects (digital twins).

  • Progress through gripping chapters that unlock step by step.

  • Characters portrayed by professional actors (motion capture - body, facial, hand-face).

An immersive gaming experience

  • Dive deep with investigative gameplay: collect clues, unravel mysteries, and solve challenging puzzles.

  • Engage closely with digital replicas of historical objects and locales.

  • Navigate through compelling chapters, unveiling a rich narrative layer by layer.

  • Witness lifelike performances from characters, brought to life by professional actors using advanced motion capture technology.

  • Explore a digital twin of the iconic Mont-au-Ciel Street in Saint-Pierre, a ontribution to its enduring legacy.

  • Step back in time as you traverse a street reconstructed to mirror its state in the late 19th century, crafted with meticulous detail.

  • Experience Jeanne PASCALINE's narrative, adapted and presented through state-of-the-art virtual reality technology.

  • This is not just a game; it's an intersection of immersive storytelling and cutting-edge digital innovation.

the challenge of narrating the Afro-descendant story

Jeanne Pascaline

"Writing about the history of Martinique is diving into the depths of our past. It's sculpting a hero for future generations from the clay of memories. It's being an archaeologist of non-existent times, reviving eras we've never known. It's also rising to the challenge of narrating the Afro-descendant story, filling the gaps in our collective memory, and asserting our place in the grand narrative of the world.It's an act of love, remembrance, and imagination."

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